"A truly remarkable book." DR JAN MOKRZYCKI



Welcome  to the companion website for the book 'POLES IN THE UK: A STORY OF FRIENDSHIP AND COOPERATION', written by Brin Best and Maria Helena Zukowska. The book was published by The British Polonia Foundation (UK charity 1168711) in August 2016.

The book is the first to explain the positive contribution that Polish people have made to the UK over the last one thousand years, in war and in peace time.

It includes chapters on the history and geography of Poland, plus insights into Poles in World War II, The Sciences, The Arts, Public Services, Business, Food & Drink and the British on the Poles.

There are interviews with, and contributions from, over 50 first, second and third generation Poles, ranging in age from 5 to 83.

In the weeks after publication, the book received major international publicity in the UK, Poland and around the world through TV and radio features, and in a wealth of newspaper, magazine and web articles. Millions of people heard our important message.

In this website you can learn more about the book and see some of the publicity we obtained for the project. There are also profiles of Polish people living in the UK today.

The printed book sold out in February 2017 but we launched a free eBook PDF version in March to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the book. You can also download this eBook from the link below to read, keep and share with your family, friends and colleagues.

This website is maintained by co-author Brin Best on behalf of the POLES IN THE UK team. Click here to see Brin talking about the book on the BBC News Channel's 'World News Today' programme, hosted by Kasia Madera (and first broadcast on 14 September 2016).

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"Thank you for putting your heart and soul into a book about the Polish contribution to the UK - you have done a wonderful thing."  GOSIA PROCHAL, Broadcaster & journalist


Major TV, radio and newspaper coverage of our book enabled our message of British-Polish friendship and cooperation to reach many millions of people around the world

"I hereby wish to support the work of Brin Best & Maria Helena Zukowska, whose dedication and passion in building bridges between the Polish community and the broad British public is exceptional."  ARKADY RZEGOCKI, The Ambassdaor of the Republic of Poland in the UK

The authors with the Polish Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki in October 2016 


"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are most grateful to you for taking the trouble to send them a copy of 'Poles in the UK: A Story of Friendship and Cooperation'. The Duke and Duchess have asked me to send you their warmest thanks and best wishes."  KENSINGTON PALACE, 5 July 2017

Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive in Poland on their first royal visit to the country on 17 July 2017